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Lulu Yasmine

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Our Spirit

In the vibrant island of Bali, a beautiful collaboration of cultures has emerged as a Brazilian Chinese artist works passionately alongside skilled artisans to create breathtaking works of art. Each piece is crafted by hand, with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in truly unique, modern, and feminine creations that are infused with a touch of magic. These treasures are not only a celebration of artistry, but also of ethical and sustainable practices, following the principles of slow fashion and fair trade. Made with love and care, every piece is a testament to the beauty that can be achieve when we come together to create something truly special.

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Our Commitment

Consciousness + Responsibility

At the core of our business is gratitude to the community that crafts our clothes, and the environment, both local and global, that supports it. From the beginning of Lulu Yasmine, we’ve found that ethical choices have always been the ones that make the most sense for our business. From empowering local women and artisans, to using sustainable packaging and producing exclusively limited items, we commit to continuing the practices that have naturally evolved as our brand has grown, that allow us to respect and support the world that has always supported us. Read our latest blog post to find out how we are innovating the way we do business and showcasing lifestyles that inspire us.

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Our Source

A celebration of cultures in Bali, where a Brazilian Chinese designer collaborates with local artisans to create beautiful, handmade pieces. These treasures are modern, feminine, and uniquely yours. Made with love, following the principles of slow fashion and fair trade.

Our Artist Luiza Chang

Our Artist

Luiza Chang

Luiza Chang is the heart of the Lulu Yasmine brand – the creative mind behind everything we produce. Born in São Paulo, Brazil of Chinese heritage, and having lived in many European countries before finding her home in Bali, Luiza is truly a woman of the world. A talent without parallel, Luiza gives life to the inspiration brought to her by world travel. She maintains a close relationship with her production team, and speaks with unmistakable admiration for their talent. Always a picture of grace and humility, Luiza speaks with gratitude about the Balinese community that embraced her, and of the culture that is so close to her heart. She views the world as connected, and this comes across clearly in her clothes through her commitment to quality, and the apparent effortlessness through which she blends worldwide inspiration with European style with Balinese techniques. A woman who inspires through her ceaseless quest for inspiration, she truly embodies her own philosophy that beauty is born of authenticity.

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Our Craft

Handmade with Traditional Techniques

Each piece of Lulu Yasmine clothing is handcrafted in Bali, and at the core of this handcraft are traditional Balinese techniques. One such technique is screen printing, which can be viewed in all of our collections. This handmade printing technique uses a stencil, based on drawings we create in our workshop, and a mesh screen to transfer thicker layers of ink than traditional printing, allowing us to create vibrant detailed prints. Because it is printed by hand, each yard of fabric is slightly different, ensuring that your piece is unique to you. Another technique you’ll frequently see is embellishment art, like hand-embroidered beading, frequently seen in traditional dresses worn by Balinese women in ritual ceremonies. The patterns themselves are hand-drawn, and then hand stitched by local artisans. One technique our clothes have become known for is our use of kerawang embroidery. Passed down since the 17th century, kerawang begins with a pattern drawn on paper. Then, layers of thread are removed from fabric, creating a lace-like pattern that mirrors the one drawn on paper. Requiring extreme attention to detail, this technique perfectly embodies the precision with which we craft all of our clothes.

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Our Style

Strength in Femininity

While we strive to create beauty ourselves, we also believe that each woman being her true self is what truly makes her beautiful. Our clothes are simply there to complement that inherent grace. Lulu Yasmine clothes, and Luiza’s journey, prove what power there is in embracing beauty, which has frequently, and incorrectly, been viewed as a weakness. Our brand of feminism is about reclaiming femininity and the strength that comes with it. Styled with elegant silhouettes and delicate details, these clothes don’t just empower you – they give you the tools to empower yourself. The limited production of all Lulu Yasmine clothes - along with the uniqueness of each piece - allows you to create your own brand of feminine strength. Beauty is a form of self expression, support for your goals, and a tool to disarm any who would doubt you.