Our COVID-19 Commitments

To the Lulu Yasmine Community,

This Wednesday, the island of Bali will observe Nyepi – the Balinese festival of silence. As the Balinese New Year is welcomed in, the entire island will fall silent for 24 hours for fasting, meditation, and self-reflection to drive away bad spirits. Beaches, streets, and even the airport will close. For a whole day, no one will leave their home.

The irony has not been lost on us at Lulu Yasmine that this year, the festival falls at a time where all of us have the responsibility to stay home for the good of our communities. We wanted to take this opportunity to share the measures we are taking during the COVID-19 crisis to guarantee the safety of our customers, artisans, and staff.

Working from Home
We have allowed our team to work remotely since the first days of the crisis, enabling everyone to practice safe social distancing.

Temporarily Closing Factories
Though the spread of COVID-19 is still in its early stages in Bali, we are closing our factories immediately to ensure the safety of all our artisans.

Closing all Brick-and-Mortar Stores
All of our Bali-based boutiques will be closed for the duration of this crisis. Our online shop is open for business.

Eliminating Executive Salary to Prevent Layoffs
One of our biggest concerns is the economic wellbeing of the artisans who produce our clothes during factory closures, since the Balinese government is unable to provide a social safety net. To this end, Luiza – our founder and the designer behind all our iconic pieces – has eliminated her executive salary so we can commit to preventing layoffs.

Donating 10%
During this crisis, we will be donating 10% of profits to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, which works with local nonprofits worldwide to support people who are particularly vulnerable to the economic, physical, and mental impacts. We challenge all who are able – especially our corporate peers – to donate what they can to this, or another cause of their choosing during this time of great need.

Our online store is continuing to accept orders and order fulfillment is unaffected. Visit luluyasmine.com to donate 10% of your purchase to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and receive 10% off for yourself as a newsletter subscriber. We look forward to walking with you as we continue this unexpected journey.

All our love,
The Lulu Yasmine Team