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Born out of the travels of designer Luiza Chang, Lulu Yasmine embodies the spirit of exploration, as we celebrate the beauty the world has to offer, and that of each woman who wears our clothes. There is inspiration to be found in the ecosystems we surround ourselves with each day, and in the gifts of unfamiliar cultures and exotic environments. Lulu Yasmine lives where those two worlds meet.

Travel is inspiration, and allows us to question, grow, and strengthen our identities. This influence is visible in every piece of Lulu Yasmine clothing. Just as no two people share the same voyage through life, no two pieces of Lulu Yasmine clothing are quite the same. Born at the intersection of your journey and ours, we use traditional Balinese handcrafted techniques to create pieces as unique as you are. When you wear Lulu Yasmine while wandering your hometown, or on an international adventure, Lulu Yasmine clothes bring the gifts of travel anywhere they are worn. These gifts empower you not only to bring new style into your life, but to celebrate, build and inspire a community around you that will inspire future adventures – styled for where you’re going, from where we’ve been.